#21: You Have Q’s, We Have A’s #1

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In this episode, your faves (none other than co-hosts Salloul and Rawa) answer the questions you sent in. We chat about our motivation behind starting LCL, what a creative must do or needs to have in order to *be* a creative, and whether or not creativity means making something completely new. A special thank you to you guys, the lovely listeners who sent us questions for this episode.

1:00 What inspired you to start the podcast? Why did you decide to podcast? Asked by @lovelettersandlipstick and @ilene_w.

3:30 What’s the most important thing for a creative to do, or have, in your opinion? Asked by @aj_saleh.

5:50 Does creativity mean creating something new? Asked by @majdi.t.saleh.

8:18 Haider Al-Mosawi, Sirdab Lab co-founder, UX expert, and our guest from Episode 18, has put together a course called Done With Grace. He teaches you how to supercharge your productivity. Not only will you be able to learn, but APPLY what you learn, so that you can get the gears going and your work out there. Click here to check it out.

9:20 Have you tried any of the advice your interviewees have discussed? Share your experiences. Asked by @farahbananas.

11:12 What was the most challenging part in creating this podcast? Asked by @spilledartsociety.

12:58 Where do you guys manage your podcast? Asked by @yousefdote.

13:40 What’s one thing you want to achieve or deliver with the podcast? Asked by @spilledartsociety.

15:08 What is there after Kuwait Poets Society? Asked by @khuzama87.

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