#20: Don’t Force It with Yasmeen Husseini

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Yasmeen Husseini is a 17-year-old self-taught musician, the singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, editor, and producer behind flowerbxmb. We chat with her about her practice routine and experimenting and how to find your own voice. Yasmeen believes that when we’re uninspired, it shows in our work, so it’s important not to force it. Tune in to hear more about what to do when you’re in a creative block, and how to create work from a genuine and inspired place.

2:20 Yasmeen tells us how she edits, produces, mixes, and masters all of her own music from scratch, using a software called Logic Pro and YouTube tutorials.

4:10 Yasmeen talks about what she wants to learn next, specifically more jazz from a guitarist called Mateus Arato. She also recommends learning more from Tom Misch and John Mayer.

5:25 “My practice routine is just pick up and do whatever sounds good. Just keep on playing until you make something. The more you make, the more you’re familiar with what you like, and what sounds good to you.”

6:20 We talk about finding your own voice. Yasmeen says: don’t force it.

8:10 Yasmeen talks about how to get out of a creative block. “Go out, smell some fresh air.” Find inspiration in every noise and every detail.

9:20 Yasmeen talks about her experiences with chromesthesia.

11:20 Rawa talks about writing poetry as a teen. “All teenagers feel as though they are the only ones who are going through what they’re going through, when in reality, everyone is going through the same thing.”

12:20 We mention Rupi Kaur and Alicia Cook as great starter poetry for teenagers.

13:25 Yasmeen tells us about the differences between her songs “Oh Damn” and “Time”, including content, lyrics, and production time.

19:00 “Every song has me in it.”

20:00 Yasmeen talks about tone and vocality in work, and inserting your own voice, your “core” to make sure you sound like yourself and not like anyone else.

21:00 Yasmeen talks about perfectionism.

22:15 Yasmeen talks about seeking and receiving feedback from those around you.

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